• Ordering code: PH.PS.725.SB


PH Svesis’ 2.5A and 4.5A power supply units have been designed to be used in all Fire Alarm systems which require an EN54-4 power supply to be installed.
Their features and characteristics satisfy almost any application.
They come in 2 variations each, depending on the standby time described in the specification. One in a small metal cabinet that can accommodate 7Ah rechargeable batteries. One in a bigger metal cabinet that accommodates 18Ah rechargeable batteries.
Certified to EN54-4 from EVPU laboratories.

 Power Supply Unit with the following features and specifications:

  • EN54-4 certified
  • 24 VDC (nominal) Voltage
  • 2.5A (true output) options
  • Small housing for batteries up to 7Ah capacity
  • Dual power (mains & battery) failsafe operation
  • 2 independently controlled outputs
  • 2 inputs controlling the outputs (one each)
  • Electronic over-current fused outputs (each with its own fuse)
  • Automatic or manual reset on over-current cut-off (selectable for each output separately)
  • Built-in buzzer for indication of faults (can be activated or not from the installing engineer)
  • 5 LED external indicators (power, faults, over-current)
  • 9 LED internal indicators (faults, status, output current)
  • 1 General FAULT output (Dry contact NO/NC)
  • 5 outputs triggered from unit state (FLT) to interface with BMS or remote supervision systems
  • TCP/IP module (optional) for remote monitoring from SmartView software
  • RS485 expansion connector (future use)

I min: 0A
Output Current (Imax.a = Imax.b)*: 2.5 A DC
Charging Current: 750 mA
Charging Voltage: 27.6 V
Output Voltage (DC): Max 28 V DC, Min 21 V DC
Ripple: 1 V p-p
Fuse (AC Mains TB): 1 A 250 V
Batteries: Two 12V Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries in series
Maximum battery capacity: 7 Ah
Battery internal Resistance (max): 2 Ohm
Deep discharge cut-off: 19 V
Fault relay: Dry contacts 30 V AC/DC, 2.0 A
External Indications: Power, Fault, Battery Low / Replace, Overcurrent 1, Overcurrent 2
On Board Indications: Earth fault, Current, Output fault, General Fault
Open Collector Outputs: Earth fault, Power fault (mains is missing), Battery replace fault, Output 1 deactivated (de-energized), Output 2 deactivated (de-energized)
Wire Gauge (max.): 2.5 mm2, 2 terminal polls per connection
IP rating: Indoor usage, Dry (IP 30)
Environmental: Temperature: 0 to 40 °C
Humidity: 5 to 95% RH, non condensing
Panel’s dimensions (HxWxD) [mm]: Enclosure A: 310 x 310 x 105 mm
Maximum battery dimensions (HxWxD) [mm]: 91 x 150 x 64 mm
Battery Max Weight (per unit): 2.5 Kg
Weight: 3.4 Kg (without batteries), 7.4 Kg (with batteries)

* The output current is not affected by the battery charging.