Personal Data

PH SVESIS S.A. guarantees the safety, confidentiality and compliance with every rule concerning the protection of personal data submitted by its clients, in order to gain access to classified files (programming and installation guidelines, support programs etc.), to create a professional relationship with the company or to submit any kind of complaints, suggestions or comments.

PH SVESIS S.A. reserves the right to maintain statistics related to the use of its website and to communicate them to third parties in order to improve its performance, without disclosing in any case any personal information that might enable user identification.

Regarding the safety of the means we use, we have taken all necessary precautions for the protection of our database. Unfortunately, however, no one can guarantee a 100% security. This is why you are kindly requested to instantly communicate with the company in case of a problem related to the security of your personal information, in order for us to take immediate action.