Dear guest,

the year 2011 for the Greek market and society was a period of radical changes and awakening; it made us bring back practices forgotten such us creativity, outgoing activities, emphasis on exports, value of negotiation etc
During these hard to come by times, we are in a position to take full advantage of our 20-years of experience, dependance on our high quality human resources, insisting on innovation quality and reliability, foreseeing the trends of the market to respond in time to your demands and forge our future development.

We design and produce new products capable of covering the most demanding installations.

We select and import reliable products that increase the safety of our clients while developing new cooperations with world recognized brands.
Based on these principles, we have a company well structured, ready to face the ever evolving market and serve the needs of it’s clients.
Part of the above is the creation of this new, redesigned and renovated web space.

Detailed presentation of our products, along with all things necessary to assist in the correct, quick and educated selection of the products you need. Information like leaflets, manuals and utilities are kept one click away and always relevant to the item of interest.

We also believe that beyond the provided information, this space will trigger further constructive comments and dialogue related to the offered services and products.

Needless to say that all this has not happened by themselves; It’s the fruit of the hard work of our staff who’s contribution to all things Paradox, I want to thank. In other words, the people that in a daily basis contribute to the materialization of our targets, to the creation of our dreams.
We all remain dedicated to the philosophy of our company : “Best product at best price”

Paying extra emphasis to the word “persistence” we hope to see growth of our company and better days for the market of security against theft and fire.


Takis Oikonomidis
Tanya Oikonomidou
Stavros Tzavopoulos