Technical Support

One of the most important departments and a key to our success is the technical department.

It is organised and run by Mr. Tasos Sotiropoulos, Electronics Engineer. It provides technical support as well as education and instructions to our clients, covering our entire product range.

It is manned by three highly experienced electronic technicians, each one specializing in one particular field (intruder alarms & CCTV, access control, fire detection). They can deal with any repair need in minimum time and also provide all answers concerning correct use, installation and programming of all the systems our company imports, manufactures and distributes.

One very important operation of our technical support is the training of our clients to existing or new products by organizing personal or group level seminars.

Scheduling and organizing these seminars is done after arrangement with our technical team. For this purpose, we have a fully equipped, pleasant dedicated area with on hand training to the systems of interest.

Big Project's Tech Support

Security Systems
Fire Alarm Systems
Access Control

Sotiropoulos Tasos
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